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Forward Thinking Solutions For Your Health

You have taken the first step towards restoring your health naturally and without side effects.
You’re here because you have unresolved symptoms,
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At the Malek Clinic for Natural Healing, we provide an exceptional experience through forward-thinking and cutting edge solutions that restore your health naturally. Whether you are suffering with Thyroid, Gut, hormonal, Autoimmune, Anxiety or other health issues, we are committed to helping you achieve results through higher standards.


Does This Sound Like You?
“I’m So Sick And No One Is Giving Me Answers”
Or “I’m So Confused And Overwhelmed, I Don’t Know Where To Turn”

Functional Medicine

Given What It Needs To Function Optimally, Your Body Will Heal And Thrive. Unfortunately, Life Does Not Make It Easy To Stay Healthy.


We are emotional creatures. We respond and react to events in our life that fuel our behavior and color our perception.

Can’t get to us? No problem. We offer national and international Skype or phone consultations for Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition. 

At the Malek Clinic for Natural Healing you’ll get answers so that you can…

Regain Control of Your Health

Overcome stress by transforming your mindset.

Revitalize your body and lose weight with the right cleanse and purification program.

Improve your overall health by structural balancing.

Restore your health naturally with innovative and enterprising solutions.

Resolve your symptoms including hair loss, fatigue, indigestion, GERD, weight issues and more by addressing the root cause.

Access your body’s amazing capacity to heal.

Energize your cells with proper nutrition.

Compensate for genetic variants that may be negatively impacting your health

Experience natural solutions for a healthier, more vibrant You!

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