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Every time I recommend a client go through a purification program, I wait for the response and invariably get, “Oh, I’ve already done that”.  When I ask “what did it involve?” the answer usually involves some form of colon cleanse.  Here is the scoop on the poo ladies and gentlemen, most of those “colon cleanses” are nothing more than fancy laxatives.  Nonetheless we carry approximately 30 to 50 pounds of waste in our gut at any given time, so cleaning out the bowels can decrease the absorption of toxins back into the system.  But that’s not enough, the majority of toxins are stored inside our body tissue and these colon cleanses do nothing to support their detoxification.  So let’s talk about the toxins that live in your cells. 

Unfortunately we live in a toxic world.  There are over 80,000 chemicals in use today that have the potential to damage our bodies.  By some estimates that number is closer to ½ a million.  Of those, only a handful have actually been studied for their impact on the human body.  Many of these can cross the placental barrier and affect unborn children as well as end up in breast milk.  In fact chemicals such as flame retardants have been found in breast milk.  Add to that the manipulation that is done to our food supply, without our knowledge or consent, and you are looking at a toxic cocktail that has the potential to decimate your body.  To make matters worse the food we eat is mostly devoid of nutrition especially if it comes from a box, bag or package of any kind.  Even what we would consider healthy food such as fresh produce still can be altered in some way.  The result is a body whose cells are overwhelmed and unable to completely cleanse themselves.  A system in distress does the only thing it can do.  It stores the toxins in the fat cells also known as adipose tissue.  So what can you do?

Let’s start with your eating habits.  The best way to give yourself a head start on detoxifying is to clean up your diet.  That means eat fresh produce.  Go to green markets and patronize your local produce stands.  Organic is better, yes I know that there are skeptics out there who believe that the whole organic movement is just a big hype, but if you choose wisely and eat what is in season, it improves your chances of having cleaner less processed food.  Shopping your farm stands and green markets also improves your chances of getting fresher food that has not been sitting in a warehouse for months or traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to get to you.  Just like a car will not run on empty, your body cannot work optimally without good nutrition.  Eating lots of vegetables and adequate proteins will provide your cells with the necessary nutrients they need to function optimally. 

Remember that when it comes for cleaning up, the most important elimination organs are your liver, kidneys, intestines and skin.  Because there are some things we can’t control, a good cleanse will ensure that these systems do not get overwhelmed with toxins whose source we have no control over.  Keeping your elimination organs doing their jobs well improves and maintains your health. 

How often should you cleanse?  Once or twice a year is ample if you have a healthy diet.  When I first went through the 21 day purification program, I lost twelve pounds and felt amazing.  These are the kind of results we see with most of our clients that make the commitment to go through the program. Commit to your health, you are worth it. 

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