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For those of you who suffer as a result of pollen or mold spores, outdoor bliss can quickly turn to misery at the onset of seasonal symptoms.  If you have food allergies, a simple meal could mean a trip to the hospital or worse yet could shut down your breathing.  There is no doubt that allergies at their worst can be killers, so how can you stop the onslaught of allergens and be able to live fearlessly?

Let’s start by exploring the reasons why you have allergies.  Your immune system is the primary player in allergic reactions, but it’s only doing its job.  Under normal circumstances, when we introduce a foreign substance, alive or inert, into our bodies our immune system preps itself to neutralize the invader.  It does so by attaching itself to the foreign substance and presenting it to the cells that are going to attack it.  These cells then form antibodies and they are the firing squad of your body whose purpose is to neutralize the enemy and protect you.  But what happens if the enemy is a food you just ate or a flower you just sniffed?  Why does the immune system react?

Our body separates the outside from our inside environment by establishing barriers that restrict the movement of substances into our blood.  The most important when it comes to allergies is primarily your gut followed by your lung barrier.  When these barriers are compromised, larger particles cross into the blood stream where they don’t belong.  Their presence alerts the immune system and the death squad goes to work.  This mobilization triggers the release of a substance known as histamine, the chemical responsible for allergy type symptoms like itchy eyes and runny noses common to allergy sufferers.  Since the liver is the chief organ responsible for clearing histamine out, it is very important to make sure that its detoxification pathways are working properly.  To make matters worse, what we see is not the only thing we get.  When we suffer with allergies, the electromagnetic energy pathways also known as meridians become blocked.  These kind of blockages impact our bodies on many different levels. The resulting symptoms can include migraines, diarrhea, stomach aches, persistent coughs, vomiting, muscle aches and pains, fevers, chills, weakness, immune depletion, indigestion and so much more.

It goes without saying that the path to being allergy free cannot be complete without addressing the health of your digestion, liver, gallbladder and pancreas.  Very often allergies can be resolved just by normalizing the gateway to our internal world.  I have seen allergies disappear just by adding the necessary digestive aids to nutritional protocols.  But once these physical issues are addressed, if certain allergies persist, BioSET natural allergy elimination is the key to resolving these life restricting reactions.  By using the BioSET desensitization technique, the immune and nervous systems are free to function more efficiently and the reactions cease to occur.  Elsa and Neil (not their real names) are a set of 36 month old twins that have had severe allergies since the day they were weaned from breast milk at 6 months.  To the point where they were in the hospital several times because they could not breathe from a reaction.  I used BioSET Natural Allergy Elimination to resolve their allergies and now they are able to eat many foods without a single reaction, the only residual allergy is to milk and even that reaction is much milder.  Their mother is thrilled at their progress.  If you have allergies, do yourself a favor and explore the natural options to help you clear your allergies and breathe easy.

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