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As you all know, I’m always taking one seminar or the other to further my knowledge and provide you with the latest in natural health and medicine.  Well after coming back from one such seminar recently, I had a patient come in who I had not seen for a long time.  She had been suffering with migraines that were so painful that more often than not she would wind up in the hospital as a result.  Using the principles I had learned in the seminar, I found that she was allergic to gluten and dairy, so I asked her to avoid them for a few weeks and see what happened.  She called the next day and said that she felt immediately better as soon as she stopped the offending foods and a week later to say she had not had a migraine in a week.  So here we are,  we think that allergies mean sniffling noses, watery eyes, itchy skin and sneezing fits, but it never occurs to us that the only symptom of an allergy could be unrelenting pain.  Why?

Allergies, just like infections, trigger an immune response which causes the release of certain chemicals into the blood stream.  When that occurs, the body thinks that it is being attacked and mounts a defense.  Part of the defense mechanism is inflammation, sometimes massive.  This inflammation can and often will cause varying degrees of pain from mild to extreme anywhere in the body from joints to head.  Think about how achy you feel when you are sick, and thankfully with infection, that process is finite meaning that at some point the body stops the reaction, the aches and pains go away and everything returns to normal.  But when there is a sensitivity or allergy, the process never stops                                        until the offender is eliminated from the system or environment.  What makes it worse is if you reintroduce the allergen back into your system you react all over again and many times worse than before.  So why would your body have an allergic reaction?

Most allergies start in the gut.  Our digestive tract is a tube that connects out internal environment to the external world.  It also has protective mechanisms in place to prevent the variety of bugs we eat from crossing into our circulation.  Healthy bacterial populations and gut lining are just a few of the protective components of the digestive tract.  Additionally 50-75% of our immunity is in the gut without which we would be much more susceptible to infections.  But here is the problem, unfortunately most of us have lost that protective shield and no longer have a barrier.  Years of bad eating habits plus the nutritionally dead and fake foods on the market today have resulted in a population fraught with gastrointestinal problems living on antacids.  No wonder allergies are on the rise with 1 in 25 adults and over 3 million children having food allergies. 

If you have pain, consider this; do you feel worse after eating certain foods or after frequenting certain restaurants or fast food venues?  Pay attention to your symptoms and remember that they are just a way for your body to communicate with you that something is not working as it should.  Treating symptoms is like plucking dead leaves off a tree without tending to the roots, a temporary fix not a solution.  Instead, try identifying and eliminating the offending food and see if that helps.  Wheat and gluten, dairy and soy are some of the worst offenders.  Very often avoiding those will alleviate your pain and provide you with the relief you crave.  Otherwise, give us a call and we will tend your roots to alleviate your symptoms.  You were born to be healthy, it’s time to reclaim your birthright!

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