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Weight, the bane of everyone’s existence and a huge source of anguish and depression, is a BIG problem in today’s society. In fact statistics referring to the average girth of the average American are scary. According to the CDC, over 60% of the population is overweight and of those almost half are obese. To make matters worse children are now on the obesity bandwagon with 1 out 6 children sporting a high body mass index(BMI). Clothing manufacturers have known about this for a while. If you have an article of clothing such as a pair of pants that is over 15 years old compare it to a pair of pants of the same size recently purchased and you will see that the newer pants are larger than the older pants. Why? Because although the nation’s waistline is expanding, consumers prefer to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the fact that they are eating and drinking themselves to death.

Watching television is sometimes a source of frustration for me. While trying to relax in front of some of my favorite shows, I find myself enduring loud commercials that interrupt regular programming with tasteless (no pun intended) ads promoting weight loss medication or programs. The fact that such ads abound is a testament to the prevalence of obese and overweight adults and children.

So why is there such a huge problem? I can count the ways and here are a few. First, weight issues start with food. Families strapped for time and money find it easier to turn to fast, prepared and processed food rather than shop and cook from scratch. This kind of eating piles in calories, trans fats and sugar all of which have been shown to contribute to obesity, heart disease and diabetes among many things. Second, most adults have sedentary jobs that keep them behind a desk and a computer most of their day. Even children no longer spend as much time playing outdoors preferring to spend their free time in front of a video game. Third, once home from work, no one wants to go to the gym, it’s too much effort. But let’s say that you eat right and stay active but you still have a weight problem. Here is the part that few talk about. Weight issues can be brought about by a variety of metabolic conditions. Yes, we’ve all heard of the thyroid playing a part in weight gain, but what about the rest of the glandular system? If your adrenals are not working well, they can make you tired and sometimes they can exhaust you. Since the adrenals also regulate water movement through your kidneys, you can start to retain water. Female and male hormonal imbalances can cause your body to conserve fat in your stomach, butt and legs. Inflammation from various metabolic causes can blow you up like a balloon and this weight does not budge. Blood sugar imbalances such as hypo or hyperglycemia will contribute to weight gain. Inadequate or diminished digestive juices can cause intestinal problems that can lead to excess weight. Infections that deplete and exhaust the immune system can also cause weight gain.

As you can see not all weight is the same. So how do you determine what your weight issue is related to? Think back to when you started to put the weight on. Did you suddenly start eating copious amounts of food or did the weight slowly creep up on you? Did you have a precipitating event that piled the pounds on like a pregnancy or menopause? Reaching back to the beginning of your weight gain will help you to figure out whether your weight lies in mechanical or systemic/metabolic roots. Then go to work fixing the problem.

Dr. Nadia R. Malek, DC, DACBN

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