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So… How are you enjoying your summer? Lazing by the pool and sipping on tall cool drinks? Or sweltering drenched in sweat and wishing for those cool winter breezes? I just asked a friend a few days ago “Does it seem really hot or am I less tolerant to the heat?” The answer? It’s really hot and with the heat comes another problem, proper hydration. With the country and much of the world gripped in a heat wave unlike any seen in years, this seems an appropriate time to cover the importance of water.

Water is an indelible part of the human body. In fact without water our bodies would shrink by 60% to 75%, our lungs by 90%, our brain by 70%, our blood would almost dry up and out muscles would drop by 75%. On an average day we use between 2 and 3 liters of water just for normal metabolic and physiological activities. Without water, it is safe to say that we would be a shell of ourselves. That being said what is it with drinking the stuff? With the difficulties that most of us have drinking water, you would think that it was sludge. What do we normally do when we are hot? The first instinct is to reach for something cold and wet. Unfortunately that something very often is a soda pop, iced coffee or iced tea loaded with sugar and in some instances cream. What many don’t realize is that rather than hydrate, these drinks have the opposite effect and dehydrate the body. All those drinks irritate the kidneys and flush water out, in addition sodas contain phosphoric acid which strips calcium from muscles, bones and nerves.

So what should you do?  There are many enjoyable ways to get water into you.  Fill a jug with room temperature, add enough ice to cool but not ice the water.  Add slices of oranges, limes and lemons for a citrusy take or vary the flavors by adding cut strawberries and mint or cucumber and mint.  There is no end to the varieties of flavored water you can create with fresh fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs.  Infusing the water with these nutrient rich foods will not only please your palate and entice you to partake more freely of the life giving beverage, but will also give you a dose of nutrition.  So go ahead, indulge and hydrate yourself.  

Dr. Nadia R. Malek, DC, DACBN 

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  • Erin Stritzinger
    1:43 AM - 21 April, 2016

    What about distiller water?

    • Dr Nadia Malek
      5:52 PM - 21 April, 2016

      I am not a huge fan of distilled water since it can sometimes contribute to mineral deficiencies.

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