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It seems as though there’s a new commercial for another sleep aid being aired every time I watch TV. If it’s not Ambien CR®, it’s Lunesta® or some other miracle sleeping pill. The truth is that even though medications may work for a time, they do not address the underlying cause of sleeplessness.

Insomnia is a huge problem today with 1 in 8 Americans reporting some degree of sleep related problems. That’s not all, many report that they seem to fall asleep easily, but are up and down all night long waking up exhausted. Unfortunately other than the standard sleeping pill, there is very little that conventional medicine can do.

So what’s preventing you from getting that precious night time shuteye? Although there are many reasons for insomnia, often the culprit is our modern lifestyle. Have you noticed that life just seems to get faster? With all the responsibilities and burdens that accrue on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that the entire world is suffering from anxiety. Consider the effect on your health. Not only does stress take it’s toll on you state of mind, but it also diminishes you’re your immune system and your body’s ability to handle pressure by depleting your adrenal glands.

What does that mean for you? The adrenals are a pair of walnut sized glands that sit on your kidneys. Despite their diminutive size they pack a big punch. The adrenals’ many functions include the production of several key hormones that not only help you adapt to stress, but are also involved in pain control, blood sugar balance, blood pressure, electrolyte balance and energy production among other things. The adrenals are also an integral contributor to male and female hormone balance and help to ease the symptoms of menopause. Because these glands kick in when you find yourself in a situation from which you have to run or defend yourself, with today’s fast paced lifestyle, the adrenal glands work overtime resulting most often, in adrenal exhaustion.

Common symptoms of adrenal exhaustion include: Always feeling tired, indigestion, interrupted sleep or lack of sleep, headachesandmorningbackachetonameafew. Tomakemattersworse,adrenalexhaustionwillexacerbateperi,pre and postmenopausal symptoms sometimes with severe consequences.

If your adrenals are exhausted, don’t despair, there is hope. Eating a healthy diet rich in whole foods and taking the right nutritional supplements nourishes the body and adrenals and restores your rest. Exercise and relaxation are essential to help heal your adrenal glands. Keep your adrenals happy and they will keep you healthy for a lifetime.

Our office offers nutritional solutions that will help us determine the optimal treatment to help you regain your health. Our assessment may include saliva hormone testing, laboratory testing and BioMeridian computerized scanning. We offer whole food supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies to feed and restore your body.

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