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Every so often, I get on my soapbox about children’s diets and this is one of those times. Pearl S. Buck said “If our American way of life fails the child, it fails us all.” We have failed our children. We have failed to provide them with good clean fun, we have failed to provide them with good clean food. We have allowed unscrupulous companies, whose only aim is to enrich themselves at the expense of our children’s health, to market dietary insults disguised as health food to our unsuspecting families. And we have paid the price. The American health care system is the costliest in the world, but according to the CIA world fact book the US ranks 46th in infant mortality. Today’s children are not the healthy little bundles of potential they should be.

As a child I remember mealtime. It was an array of meats and vegetables made fresh and loaded with goodness. Dessert was often a piece of fruit or a fruit salad and if we had sweets it was an exception rather than the rule. Consider what our children are fed today. Breakfast is a bowl of cereal drowning in a sea of low fat or, worse, fat free milk, loaded with sugar and stripped of nutrients. This chemically altered potion is often fortified with a few isolated vitamins for good measure. Lunch and dinner are either a fast food boxed meal or a bucket of something loaded with trans fats, sugar and chemicals accompanied by a large sugary soda and frequently supersized. Do you see the trend here? How can a young body survive, much less thrive on this steady diet of empty foods?

If you want to give your child any kind of a healthy future, you have to work at it. Good health is no longer the norm for today’s children. The average baby is born with over 200 chemicals already assaulting his or her tiny body. Adding insult to injury is the unfortunate fact that breast milk is tainted with whatever poison Mom has been exposed to. This toxic cocktail can spell disaster for the hapless child. In fact in Sept 2003 USA Today reported on a study by The Environmental Working Group which found that breast milk contained flame retardant. According to USA Today, the levels were “the highest in the world”. Parents, we are not joking here, your child’s health is at stake. Children today face the same health problems as adults. Diseases like obesity, type II diabetes, insulin resistance, elevated cholesterol and hypertension that were once squarely in the realm of adulthood are rising, in alarming numbers, in children. It is an epidemic that can be blamed largely on the nutrient deficient diet children are eating.

What can you do? Feed your children wholesome foods. Prepare your meals at home. Use healthy proteins, colorful vegetables and fruits for dessert Include organic eggs and antibiotic/hormone free meats and poultry. Avoid fast and processed foods, they are loaded with empty calories. The Center for Science in The Public Interest rated a value meal from Burger King as one of the worst foods at 1300 – 1800 calories. Make sure your little angel is well hydrated. Water flushes out impurities and decongests the lymphatics. Sodas and punches are high in sugar and food colorants as well as high fructose corn syrup which, contrary to what the corn refiners association wants you to believe, is detrimental to your child’s health. Fructose interferes with copper metabolism particularly in boys to such an extent that it can lead to liver and heart abnormalities. Do your child a favor, be a parent and give them the gift of a long healthy life. There is no substitute for honest food.

Dr. Nadia R. Malek, DC, DACBN 

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